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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Moving from Tauranga

Tauranga was a really good place and I really miss i.t My top five reasons why are:
Top:1 The beach and surfing is good because the waves are really good and it is  nice and warm in the sun too.
Top:2 Mount Maunganui
Top:3 The Manic room
Top:4 Bay wave
Top:5 Glow in the dark mini golf
That's my top five favorite things in Tauranga and they are really fun.     

Moving our stuff

First we had to  pack all our stuff  that we wanted to keep because we couldn’t take all our stuff. We also had to wrap the breakables up in newspaper and then  put  them in boxes nicely so they wouldn’t break.  Then we put them in the car to take them to the storage place until we got them all packed. We had a garage sale until went everything packed  so we can just take it at once.

Not living at home                                 

I had to move to Aunty and Oma’s house.  I had to move there because Dad was moving down in October for a job working for Dixon homes.  So we had to live with Aunty and Oma and my three sort of annoying cousins, and I had to share a room with my cousin Phoenix. My cousin's names are Phoenix,Chiana,Destiny those are my cousins that I had to live with for two months. They have 2 dogs 5 cats and some fish.

Comparing schools  

Well in Tauranga my school was alright I guess but at my new school there is no bullying which is good because at my old school there was lots of bullying and I got bullied a lot and I don’t get bullied at this school which is good. Well this school is catholic and my old school wasn’t and I am a Christian so I can learn about God like I always wanted to because I didn’t go to church much and we have mass as well which is good because I learn more about God as well. At my old school we didn’t have a pe uniform and I think it is good because we don’t want to go to school with a dirty uniform the next day and it is really good because if we did have one we wouldn’t have to play sport in long sleeves tops. Well at my old school we didn’t have year 7s and 8s so I think it is good because the years ones and twos and look up to us and don’t make the mistakes that we have done. At both we have a uniform which is good because if we are in it and we go to the library if we are good they can see that our school is a good school and if they had kids they might come to our school. I’m glad my school is a mix gender because I would hate to be in a all boy school because I have only been in a mix gender school and I would be strange. At my new school there are lots of friendly people and lots of awesome teachers as well like Mr Moore and Mrs Frances Rees.      

In the end I really like Oamaru. It is a good place and it is a bit better than  Tauranga and I really like it down here even though it is an old town I love Oamaru.


  1. This turned out really well Cody. Its always good when you write about something you really know about. Mrs FR

  2. Man Cody that sounds like a bit of fun moving to oamaru aye Cody...

  3. What an excellent blog post. You have really shown what it has been like to move to a new town, and a new school. It is great to see that you have been consistent with your punctuation - slowing down and taking the time to do this really helps the overall quality of our writing. Mr Moore.