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Monday, 15 June 2015

The Twits
MR twin Sum 1 Chapter 2 About mr twits yuck beard and that he is a twit and it doesn'tdd grow smooth it grows bumpy and weird.  

Dirty breads Sum 2 Chapter 3 when he ate his food he didn’t open his mouth wide so he had really old food from months ago they were going rotten and moldy because he didn’t clean his face or when he got food on it he didn’t wipe it off.   

sum 3

she got uglier by the years and that she has things on her  feet.

sum 4

Mrs twit has a glass eye she can play lots of tricks with it in so she put it in mr twits beer when he is getting the last drop he sees it and gets a fright.

sum 5

that nigth a frog in mrs twits bed and she saw it and got really mad.

sum 6

mrs twit put worms in mr twits spaghetti.

sum 7

each night mr twit added more wood to mrs twits walking stick to seem like she has shrink.

SUm 8 mrs twit gets the shrinks.

each night when mr and mrs twit goes to bed when mrs twit falls asleep mr twit goes and gets mrs twits walk stick and  goes down stairs and grabbed her chair as well and goes out to his shed and add more wood on the end of the stick and more wood on the end of the four legs of her chair so when she wakes up and gets her walking stick it feels like she has shrink and when she sits on her chair she use to be able to touch the ground but now she can’t so mr twit says she is shrinking to pull a prank on her that's why he does it.
SUM 9 chapter ten  mrs twit gets stretched.

mr twit took mrs twit outside and tied her to the ground then tied balloons to her body after that she said are you sure you  tied the string on my feet thither noth what happens if i float away that gave mr twit an idea ……………

sum 10 chapter 11 mrs twit goes ballooning up

mrs twit didn’t feel safe so she asked mr twit to add more string to her feet but he didn’t he cut the string with the knife that was in his pocket and cut what will had now ……………

sum 11 chapter 12  mrs twit comes ballooning down .

mrs twit was going up up  and up in the air because she was getting pulled up by the balloons so she started biting them and she was coming down so she is not as stupid as mr twit because the author said.

sum 12 chapter 13     

mrs twit bit the ropes then she started to come down when she was close to the ground she said something to mr twit then she crash in to him .
sum 13 chapter 14 the house monkey cage

so there show us the outside of the house there was a shed ,the garden and the monkey cages the monkey cage was mr twits and garden was mrs twit.

sum 14 chapter 15   hugtight sticky glue

mr twit gets his glue and put it on the tree and lets bird fly on to it and lets them stick and then gets them and put them it the bird pie for tea.

sum 15 chapter 16 four sticky little boys
mr twit when out the next morning to collect the birds for bird pie but there was no birds only four sticky little boys so he said he would cook them but one boys said undo your buttons and jump out of the tree they just got out in time.

sum 16 chapter 17 the great upside down monkey circus

mr twit was train monkeys to do thing upside down and trick for a circus one day.

sum 17 chapter 18 every tues and wens the monkey try to warn the birds to not land on the tree because it is covered with glue but they couldn’t understand the langwich the the monkey were speaking so they were still landing on it until the role pole bird came so it land on their cage so the other birds comped it.

sum 18 chapter 19 no bird pie for mr twit

mr twit when to get the birds for bird pie but there was none they were all on the monkey cage so they could have bird pie.

sum 19 chapter 20

mr twit glued the cage but still no birds.

sum 20 chapter 21 goes and buys guns

so mr twit didn’t get any birds so he when to buy guns to shoot the birds.

sum 21 chapter 22

the role pole bird got the keys to the monkeys cage and then monkey glued the house.

sum 22 chapter 23 the great glue painting begins

Mr & Mrs when to buy guns so the monkeys told the role pole bird to get the keys out of the shed and give them to muggle wump so he could unlock the cage after that they got mr twits glue that was the bird glue so they stuck it to the roof of the house and everything else to it aswell so it seemed mr and mrs twit were upside down.

sum 23 chapter 24

the bird and the monkeys pull the carpet off the floor and put it on the roof.

sum 24 chapter 25

the monkeys and birds glued the bottom of everything and stuck it to the roof.

sum 25 chapter 26

two ravens sweeped over mr and mrs twit and drop glue on there heads then when in side.

sum 26  chapter 27
then mr and mrs twit turned upside down it the house and they were stuck.

sum 27 chapter 28 the monkey escape

the monkeys and the bird when and build a tree house and lived in it.

sum 28 chapter 29
mr and mrs twit got stuck to the floor and died.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Medals
1 medal is black, it is a pale black like a piece of charcoal,  because it has gone lighter than it use to be, it is also in the sign of a cross.

1 medal is white. It is the sign of the cross. On the tips it has got a design, and in the middle it has a  design, some of it looks like it is popping out.

3 medals are gold, they are a star shape with 6 tips in the design it has some wiggle lines on the tips and
in the middle they have a circle with designs in it.

2 medals were silver, they were the shape of a coin circular  in the middle they have the picture of a head and neck.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

We were refugees i was scared but my mum was here we were luck  because we got out if we didn’t who know what would happen to us. We could be kill or we could be slaves but we escaped that was good. Because we can live  longer life but not as refugees  which was good because i wouldn’t like living as a  refugee for another few years. we were scared and frightened but we were glad we got away.

Monday, 30 March 2015

On december the 7th 1941 pearl harbour at 7:48am hawaiian time it was attacked by 353 airplane fighters all of the usa ships were destroyed or really badly damaged by the bombs that the japanese drop  it lasted 2 hours and 2,000 american soldiers died and over 1,000 got hurt then the president declared war against japan then the germans and italians declared war against the usa the war almost lasted 40 years Japan adopted a policy of economic strangulation. the three websites i use are

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

One day a large scary bear had escaped from the zoo so he was walking in to town and he took an alleyway that led to a park and the he went through the park and end up at a road of driveways and so he went down one and the the news helicopter came and was videoing the tiny brown furry bear and there was nothing interesting down there so he came out and it felt weird on his paws and the smell of  rotten garbage and he went down another driveway and a guy was texting and walk and he almost walked into the bear so he ran and dropped his $300 ipod as he was running off so he wouldn’t get eaten and he was as scared as a tiger.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

One day a bear had escaped from the woods so he was walking in to town and he took an alleyway that led to a park and the he went through the park and end up at a road of driveways and so he went down one and the the news helicopter came and was videoing the tiny brown furry bear and there was nothing interesting down there so he came out and it felt weird on his paws and the smell of  rotten garbage and he went down another driveway and a guy was texting and walk and he almost walked into the bear so he ran and dropped his $300 phone as he was running off so he wouldn't get eaten and he was as scared as a rat .  

Thursday, 12 March 2015


mavis is a goat who lives on dolan street with 5 other dogs
cheeky :
mavis is a bit cheeky example : mavis eats the flag  when the little creature  come from space and said this land is mine so i will be placing a flag here.
mad :
mavis goes mad for example: birds telling dogs mavis goes mad the bird were telling every dog that mavis has gone made and then garbage guts said that she is mad.
another example: mavis goes mad when she tries to buck barney off his paws.
mavis is lazy for example: when she just sits down and just chews on the grass and doesn’t do anything else.
she is mean for example: when she tells everyone off and scares them and they are so scared

in conclusion: Mavis is an interesting character because she has all her different moods        

kayaking and yoting  was fun because i learn how to yot and when we got stuck we had to find our own way out in less we couldn’t. When we kayaked it was fun because i when really  fast and fell in the water. mount biking was all so fun because i challenge my self and i got in the top 7.
One day there was a handsome Prince named Luke he had a wife and over 1,000 kids 500 boys and 500 girls.
One day his wife wanted more kids one more girl but he didn't so they got a divorced so all the boys when with there dad and the girls stayed with there mum. Some girls became princess’s and some boys became prince later on the wife found a another prince which gave her a baby and the old husband got jealous. The new husband gave her 2 girls and 8 boys when they were born  the boys got killed so she wouldn't have any boys cause she didn't want any more.             

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Driving along on a normal day through  the desert and you see some lions and lioness sitting in the sun on a hot day and then one of the lioness started to come up to the car so you drove more up and then it came up and opened the door and you screamed and quickly closed the door before it got in and the you drove off.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

The woods

People go in but don’t come out….

Three kids when in they were exploring the woods because they like animals they were about 20 mins in and they heard a scream it was there mum and dad they had been lost for one year they were running to find the people when they found them they asked what is your name mine is uia and mine is luku what are your names tua, nua and sula mum dad sons go my it is you lets get out of here it is creepy come on lets go then they got picked up by an  eagle .
The eagle took them back to its nest and tried to feed them to its babies but they just jumped out in time to get eaten by the father as they were getting digested they got out of the father eagle and lived then they go to look for food because the were very hungry so they found a apple tree so they had a feast then they were on there way to discover the woods but first they had to make spears to kill beast and thing that try to kill them so then the when to explorer but 10 mins in they got attacked by a tiger so they killed it and ate it for tea and the next day as well then they tried to find the way out but they couldn’t so they sent in a search party of 8 police they found them but they couldn’t remember the way out so they had to look for food.


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

All about cody 2015

I have achieved playing goalie in soccer sinte it was my first time I have achieved jumping off a rock at camp.

I have a good strengths in maths and sports.

My weakness are reading and writing and i get annoyed very easily.

Goals i would like to get at standard for my reading  and writing and take leadership in my role properly and do it as best as possible can.

Working in groups or on google docs and typing.

Maths and improving in reading and writing.

To work with little kids.

mountain biking,bike riding,soccer,maths,sports,animals and gymnastics.