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Sunday, 8 March 2015

The woods

People go in but don’t come out….

Three kids when in they were exploring the woods because they like animals they were about 20 mins in and they heard a scream it was there mum and dad they had been lost for one year they were running to find the people when they found them they asked what is your name mine is uia and mine is luku what are your names tua, nua and sula mum dad sons go my it is you lets get out of here it is creepy come on lets go then they got picked up by an  eagle .
The eagle took them back to its nest and tried to feed them to its babies but they just jumped out in time to get eaten by the father as they were getting digested they got out of the father eagle and lived then they go to look for food because the were very hungry so they found a apple tree so they had a feast then they were on there way to discover the woods but first they had to make spears to kill beast and thing that try to kill them so then the when to explorer but 10 mins in they got attacked by a tiger so they killed it and ate it for tea and the next day as well then they tried to find the way out but they couldn’t so they sent in a search party of 8 police they found them but they couldn’t remember the way out so they had to look for food.


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  1. Great writing Cody. Really enjoyed this piece of work. Maybe next time you could change the colour of your writing into a bright colour. But other than that you've done a great job. Keep it up Cody.