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Thursday, 12 March 2015


mavis is a goat who lives on dolan street with 5 other dogs
cheeky :
mavis is a bit cheeky example : mavis eats the flag  when the little creature  come from space and said this land is mine so i will be placing a flag here.
mad :
mavis goes mad for example: birds telling dogs mavis goes mad the bird were telling every dog that mavis has gone made and then garbage guts said that she is mad.
another example: mavis goes mad when she tries to buck barney off his paws.
mavis is lazy for example: when she just sits down and just chews on the grass and doesn’t do anything else.
she is mean for example: when she tells everyone off and scares them and they are so scared

in conclusion: Mavis is an interesting character because she has all her different moods        

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