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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Medals
1 medal is black, it is a pale black like a piece of charcoal,  because it has gone lighter than it use to be, it is also in the sign of a cross.

1 medal is white. It is the sign of the cross. On the tips it has got a design, and in the middle it has a  design, some of it looks like it is popping out.

3 medals are gold, they are a star shape with 6 tips in the design it has some wiggle lines on the tips and
in the middle they have a circle with designs in it.

2 medals were silver, they were the shape of a coin circular  in the middle they have the picture of a head and neck.


  1. Excellent writing about The Medals, I really like how your explaining whats are those special medals are.

    From Albert :)

  2. Hi Cody

    Those are really cool medals you have I really like how you told us what are on the medals. I hope you post more work.